Thousands of people visit malls and supermarkets every day, but how many come to your store to get what they need? Say hello to Nearals. We believe in realising the true potential of your shop.

Market the nearals way

Nearals is a business optimisation platform, which connects customers and retailers in the offline market.

How It Works

Get empowered to optimize your business strategy in real time, with Nearals tools and resources.

Choose what’s best for business with accurate inventory analysis and customer purchase statistics.

Clear the stagnant stock in your shop and free up resources for new products, based on customer needs.

Get updates in real time about the trends of customers in your shop and use Nearals to best convert views into sales.

What your customers get

Easy way to find desired product among the many options and huge crowds.

Increased awareness on discounts or offers active in nearby shops.

Access to complete product information.

A system to remember purchase preferences and trends.

A personalised shopping experience.